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Sash Window Repair Or Replacement?

Replacement of your sash windows may be expensive, however, you could be costing more if do not replace them. Sash windows that are new will offer an array of amazing benefits and features that aid in improving the appearance and performance of your house in Dorset.
Sash windows that are in use in time will be subject to wear and tear, which could affect the way the windows work. It is always best to replace windows because double-glazed windows provide more protection than single-glazed windows made of timber.

If you’d want to learn more about the reasons you need to replace your sash windows, call us today and they will provide you with the information you require.

What are the benefits of replacing Sash Windows?

If you choose to purchase a brand new window sash, you can anticipate the windows to come with top-quality functionality. Sash windows made of old timber usually have only one glazing, which can offer little protection from extreme environments. UPVC sash windows are equipped with triple or double glazing. The advantages of this are that your house located in Dorset will be more insulated and can keep warm for longer.

Because of this it will result in an improvement in the cost of your energy costs. In addition to a better thermal performance as well, uPVC frames offer excellent security and durability. The strong window frame with sash can aid in protecting windows from damage caused by harsh weather conditions.

Contact our helpful team now to know more about the benefits that sash window repair can provide.

Are you able to match Your Sash Windows to the Style of your home?

You can certainly make the latest sash windows with the design of your Dorset home. We provide a selection of stunning sash window styles that will allow you to choose the ideal fit to your house. The windows we offer in Dorset are able to be customized to suit the space of your home.

You also have total control over the color and appearance of your frames. We provide a variety of shades as well as woodgrain foils to recreate the beautiful vintage look that wood windows with sash offer.

In addition you are also able to choose the type of glazing you want along with accessories and hardware. If you decide to go with us, we’ll help you transform your sash windows ‘ design an actuality.

Contact us now to learn more about our entire selection of options for customisation and the best way to create the most perfect set of sash window to fit your budget.