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The benefits of living in a studio flat at Leicester uni

Are you searching for a fantastic studio apartments while at university, but you’re struggling to determine whether a complete independence model is better than the social aspect other accommodation types provide? We’ve discussed the advantages that living in a studio apartment at the university level to help you along the way.

Benefits for living as an independent student

In addition to the comfort of having a private space, living in an independent space provides a host of advantages worth mentioning. We’ve put together a list of the advantages of students living on their own, in order to make living by yourself as an undergraduate seem less intimidating.

There’s certain to be plenty of questions that are triggered by the thought that you live in a. What is it about living in the studio? My social life will be affected? Do I be alone? These are just a few of the things you’ve probably thought about. While they’re certainly pertinent issues to discuss, it’s possible that you might require a little assistance in understanding the advantages that come with living in a small.

Check out our list below to find what independent students are experiencing frequently.

A studio allows you to be completely independent

The days of living at home were likely filled with chores. You were given instructions to clean your home and wash the dishes and other similar tasks. Perhaps you’re already very tidy and completed those tasks things without having to be told! Whatever the case having a studio at university means that you can live your life however you like.

If you’re messy and your clothes accumulate ready to be cleaned, no one is going to be offended by doing this. If you’re clean and tidy your space will be spotless and you won’t be surrounded by people to tidy up after.

We recommend staying the top of these matters regardless of how much you’d like to do clean. A tidy home and study space can assist in feeling as if you’ve done some thing every day.

Students who live on their own put in greater effort in social interactions

If you’re shy or struggle with getting to know new people, going for an apartment with a studio could be a good option for you. However being in a single-person space this will make you have to meet many people living in other accommodations and on your way or lead you to join a club in an effort to not feel isolated. There are other people who are that are in the same boat, and you might even make wonderful friends.

Independent studio living provides you with the chance to create an escape from the hustle and socialize when you are confident enough to do so. It’s different from being surrounded by the company of five (or more) others across the hall.

A studio at the university lets you decide your future

Netflix binge at 3am? This sounds like a good idea. Do you have a plan to call your family or friends? There’s no harm to anyone You can do it!

The reality of living in a at a university means you have control over your activities, you are not influenced by your family and friends. If you’re looking to stick regarding your sleep time, which lets you exercise or do some work prior to your lecture, you are able to do it. If you’re a morning person or a late night-lark, you can take control of your university experience according to your preferences.

Be sure to wake up in time for your class If you decide to go on the late-night Netflix binge, however…

Students who live on their own are able to avoid the common student problems

Being in a studio at a university means you’ll be able to stay clear of the common issues that students face, which most new students encounter. You’ll have your own private bathroom, which means that the toilet and shower are free when you’re required to use they, as well as for kitchen appliances as well.

On the other hand, when it comes to kitchens, you don’t need to worry about anyone “accidentally” eating the chocolaty cake that you’ve been waiting for. If there’s a trail left behind of cake crumbs or a empty box, you’ll have only your own fault.

Strategies to live in an apartment

These are only a few advantages that come with the benefits of living in a Leicester student studio during your time at university, but there are many other benefits. This is only a tiny sample of what you can expect from having a living space in the form of a studio If you’re interested in learning more about the reasons why the independent studio lifestyle might be the best option for you contact us!