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Top 10 Benefits of Artificial Grass

If you are making the switch from natural grass to artificial it is important to make sure that the advantages of synthetic grass will be worth this massive change. If you’re concerned about durability or maintenance for artificial lawns, we are ready to ease the stress.

Can withstand the harshest weather conditions

One of the most significant benefits synthetic grass has is it does not suffer from extreme weather conditions, as opposed to it’s natural counterpart. In the case of genuine grass, too much sunlight can cause the grass to dry out, while excessive rainfall can cause it to drown. Because grass is living and is extremely sensitive to its surroundings. However, this isn’t true to synthetic grass because it’s manufactured from substances which aren’t affected by environmental elements.

Life expectancy is about 15 years or more

One of the main reasons that stop many people from installing artificial turf in their yard is the idea of needing the grass replaced. However, if properly maintained artificial lawns will appear like new for up to 15 years. This is a lot longer than the real grass which requires regular irrigation and seeding in order to regrow. However, even after this time artificial grass Leicester will appear lush and beautiful but it could appear slightly worn and matted as carpet does after many years.

No patchiness, discolouration or mud

As mentioned previously natural grass is very dependent on environmental factors. This may cause patches and discoloration. The amount of sunlight in your garden may not be the same throughout the entire garden and, as a result, some areas may be gray and bald. Furthermore, grass seeds require soil for growth, which means the grassy areas are very muddy, which is extremely unpleasant. In addition, ugly weeds are bound to grow in your lawn, adding to the already arduous maintenance.

Synthetic grass is the ideal solution. It is not only unaffected by the weather and it won’t allow the growth of weeds or spreading mud. In the end, artificial lawns allow to have a consistent and clean appearance.

Costs of maintenance reduced

Synthetic lawn needs almost nothing to maintain, aside from the occasional wash and sweep to keep debris and leaves from getting in the way. This is a vast difference from real grass which requires regular mowing, reseeding and watering. This is not only labor-intensive, but also incredibly expensive compared to the simple and inexpensive maintaining artificial turf.

Lower water costs

A common question we get is “do I really need for watering my synthetic lawn?” Quite simply, there isn’t any need to. Apart from the occasional washing when you’re pet-friendly or spill anything onto it, you will not have to put a pipe to water your artificial lawn. This will save you money on your water bills given the amount of water needed to water natural grass.

No mowing, seeding , or watering is required

In the present time and age, not people have the time to maintain their lawn. One of the last things you’d want after a hard day’s work is to carry an enormous lawnmowers around your lawn, especially in the winter when it’s dark at 4 pm. Mowing the lawn is only part of the task as you’ll find yourself continually watering and reseeding areas of grass. This takes up your energy, time and even your money. When artificial grass is the issue it is merely necessary to take just a few minutes every week to clean and sweep your turfed areas.

Keeps it green throughout the year

There’s nothing more unpleasant than discolored grass caused by excess or insufficient amounts of sun or water, or even an animal. It’s an effort to make natural grass green even for one or two months or even the whole year. Making the perfect environment that encourages grass to grow is nearly impossible, particularly in the case of weather conditions you cannot influence.

If too much sun and insufficient water are drying your lawn or there isn’t enough sunlight or water are inundating your lawn, maintaining an even lawn is an ongoing battle. We have come up with a variety of artificial grass options that are specially blended to keep your lawn looking green throughout the year.

Perfect for pets and kids.

Pets and children are known as rough and tumble character which can lead to accidents and wreckage. There is no doubt grass is the safest option to use concrete in gardens intended for fun however, what happens to the mess? Artificial lawn is a great alternative to the security of grass, while also removing the mess caused by grass stains and mud. Little ones and four-legged companions can comfortably enjoy your garden by putting synthetic grass.

No allergic aversion

According to NHS information, around 20 percent in the UK population are hay-fever sufferers. Because artificial lawn isn’t an organic substance that’s hypoallergenic, it’s totally safe. You’ll never experience the discomfort of a dry nose, watery eyes or a runny and stuffy nose with artificial grass placed in the area.

Proper drainage

Synthetic lawns are made to have tiny holes that easily drain water off the surface, regardless of whether it is due to rain, rinsing or even a paddling pool. Artificial lawn is the most secure option, as it isn’t likely to cause slips and sustaining injury.

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