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Top Tips For An Eco Friendly House Move In Bromley

Are you moving house? Check out this guide for moving your house in a sustainable manner with suggestions for moving eco-friendly way.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I were to talk about the possibility of moving? If you mentioned stress, I’d be able to practically high-five you. This is because the anxiety associated with moving houses is usually the first thing that comes to the mind whenever thinking about a possible house relocation.

In my adulthood I have moved my own houses more than 17 occasions (17!) So I am very well-versed in the stresses of house-moving. The last house move we made was the most stressful house move to this point. The house we purchased was listed on the market right up to the time that we received the keys. We received the keys only at 4:40 pm the day we moved. We had to move our belongings away while the new owner of our apartment has moved their stuff in! Naturally, I’m not planning on moving for a while!

Aside from stress What else that comes into your mind when you think of moving? The first or second thought may not be the environmental impact of the move. But, there are some eco-friendly aspects to take into consideration when you are planning to relocate your house.

How to Move House The Eco-friendly Method

Here are some of my tried-and-trusted tips to help you move your house in a sustainable way.

Clean Up Before Packing

If I could offer anyone any green moving tips or suggestions, it would be to always clear the clutter before you begin thinking about packing your belongings. Deleting things that you don’t want will require less boxes and packaging materials. It could also mean you require an encapsulated removals vehicle which will save you a lot of carbon emissions and money.

Sorting out the wheat from the chaff helps in packing and unpacking much simpler. I’ve discovered that when I use this approach , I seldom have that random unopened box of junk that can take, um, up to a year or more, to open and removing.

Expert in decluttering Marie Kondo measures decluttering success through the amount of bin bags that are empty and then thrown away. I have a different method. I have a lot of issues regarding Marie Kondo, which I could write about in depth. But, for the sake of simplicity and staying to the main point, the only thing I’ll be saying is that there’s many wasteful aspects to this method of organizing.

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Decluttering isn’t a matter of throwing everything into the trash that you do not require. It was in the earlier years (pre-Marie Kondo) I wrote extensively about ways to reduce clutter sustainably. Before you grab the bin bag, I suggest reading it. I give suggestions on what is possible to make of unwanted items to keep them out of the landfill and active for a longer period of time. If you’ve used up or damaged objects, I give advice on where you can dispose of the items after their useful life.

Cardboard Boxes

After you’ve cleared out your home after that, you’re ready to move to packing. cardboard boxes are an environmental aspect to take into consideration when moving the house in a green manner.

Many removal companies provide their own new, brand-new boxes and packaging materials for an additional charge to you. There is also the option of purchasing boxes and packing materials on the internet. Although you can reuse cardboard boxes after moving I’ve always thought that it’s an encroachment of resources and money to purchase new cardboard to move things from one place to another.

To conserve resources (and to earn a little money) in the past , I have always maintained a positive connection with the local stores. The majority of shops don’t keep cardboard boxes due being a fire hazard. But, what you can ask staff what the day of delivery will be. Then, you can visit on the day of delivery to pick up some cardboard boxes prior to being delivered to recycling.

After talking to the manager of the local store I learned that their delivery time was Wednesday afternoon. That meant that every Wednesday evening for the next few weeks, I went to the shop and picked up the most boxes I could. This prevented us from purchasing tons of new cardboard, and also provided cardboard in need of recycling an opportunity to live another day before it was recycled. Win-win!

Innovative Packaging Options for Moving House

Alternately, you can be creative with the objects that you already have by using suitcases instead of boxes. Contact your family and friends to lend you one of their luggage for the house moving.

Laundry bags can also be an great alternatives to box. They can usually take a lot of clothes inside them and they’re more convenient to carry than boxes.

Eco-friendly Packaging Materials

Of course, you cannot transport your items using cardboard boxes on their own. Items that are fragile require some kind of protection against bumps and smacks when moving. While the majority of packaging materials are made of plastic but there are alternatives that are green in the process of moving your home.

When I am planning a move, I request all my friends to save their old papers for us. This helps us avoid the expense of buying packaging papers. I also make it a habit of saving any packaging papers as well as bubble wrap, which is brought into our home prior the major relocation. I also request my colleagues to take the bubble wrap which is brought with delivery, to ensure that it can be reused.

If your business doesn’t receive lots of deliveries, or you’re not employed, an alternative option is Freecycle. What I’ve observed in my many years of using Freecycle is that the items that are not needed anymore but may be useful to someone, then the Freecycler will put it up on Freecycle. I’ve seen some odd items pop up on Freecycle in the past. So, I can tell that you will see someone give you a bunch of bubble wrap , or even a large pile of packaging paper they’ve collected and are looking to dispose of.

If Freecycle does not have the items alternative places to consider are Gumtree as well as Facebook marketplace.

If you prefer not to use plastic bubble wrap when moving your house, then alternative options that are green to bubble wrap. There are corrugated boxes that range from “bubble” packaging peanuts to wraps constructed from corn starch, which can be dissolving in water or put into your composter. There are a lot of creative alternatives available online if willing to shell out the money.

Of course, the alternative to a greener option is to make use of clean towels, clothing and sheets to wrap breakables. It’s a great way to save space as well!

Packaging made of plastic-free Tape

When it comes to tapes for sealing your boxes, one option to consider instead of traditional packaging tape made of plastic is packaging tape made from paper*. This tape is made of completely recycled papers using a latex-based adhesive which is biodegradable.