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Understanding Wall Tie Replacement

Cavity Wall Ties are vital to repair structures that have deteriorated and became less sturdy over time. With our years of experience in the industry and well-developed skills We are capable of bring your walls back to their original health with carefully and precise Wall tie repair.

What are Wall Ties?

Wall ties are small pieces of equipment that are used to connect the both the external and internal leaves of the cavity wall. They are incorporated into the wall’s cavity during the building process. Wall ties work by being able to have the ends of each tie inserted into the mortar bed on a regular basis. They are made to cover the bulk of the cavity in order to effectively join the sturdy inner lead to the exterior leaf, and improve structural stability. Wall ties are also used to stop water from moving from the leaf’s outer to the inner , and also accommodate any minor movement that the walls may have to support.

What is the cause of a failed wall tie?

Wall ties are more likely to fail because of two primary causes such as construction issues or corrosion of the wall tie. If the quality of a construction project isn’t at the standards it should be, for instance that wall ties are prone to become unusable over the course of time. Wall ties with cavities are prone to failure because they were improperly placed, fixed or cut to a length that isn’t appropriate. Additionally, wall ties fail due to poor quality mortar that was used in the building of a structure, which means they do not provide enough bond to the tie. However, there are natural causes, like corrosion are an important cause of failures in wall ties and it is likely to happen and must be addressed immediately.

How Long Will Wall Ties Durable Wall Ties

The lifespan of wall ties is dependent on many factors like the location of the building and the kind of masonry that they were placed in, the kind of wall ties used and many more. Certain wall ties claim to last for the life of a building but in reality, wall ties are renowned to last between 15 to 20 years before they begin to corrode. Replacement of wall ties is an extremely popular and widespread repair procedure that many homes require.

How serious is the Replacement of a Wall Tie?

While wall ties are considered to be a minor element of the structure of a home however, they actually contribute to the overall structural stability that the building. Maintenance and replacement of wall ties when needed is therefore crucial in order to keep the structural stability of a building in good condition. The faster structural repairs are carried out on a structure that requires them and the less expensive these repairs will cost as they can stop any further damage from occurring as a result of a delay in repair. Regularly checking the maintenance of structural components like well-tied structures thus contributes to improving the general health as well as prosperity of a home.

How to Identify Wall Tie Failure?

Wall tie problems is sometimes difficult to determine and comprehend the severity of the failure. There are a few indicators that can suggest your wall tie is not working properly and require replacement. One of the most frequent indicators is the appearance of regular horizontal and sometimes vertical cracks in masonry. Other indicators to look out for are the moment when brickwork begins to bow or bulge, window reveals are beginning to split and when the lintels begin to sag or lift. If, for instance, an outer leaf is believed to be separating from the inner leaf , it is a clear indication that wall ties are experiencing failure. If you are trying to determine failure of a wall tie However, it is essential to get a professional diagnosis prior to beginning any work to repair it, since the signs that are visible could be that other types of damage that require special equipment or tools to distinguish between the two. Additionally, after the wall tie’s failure is confirmed it is crucial to get experts from the industry conduct the repair procedure since it is likely to require complete replacement of the wall tie.

What is Wall Tie Replacement?

Replacement of wall ties is the procedure that takes place after it was discovered that the wall ties are failing and are no longer functioning in the way that is required. The wall ties are taken away and replaced with new ones instead. Replacement of a wall tie is an easy task even though it’s one that must be handled by professionals in the field like us. Different wall ties are used for different functions, such as the ones used to construct walls should not be used to replace wall ties. The various wall ties that are the most frequently used include mechanical wall ties the helical wall tie, resin wall ties, and brickwork wall tie. To determine which kind or length you require you can connect with one of our experts who will offer you a no-cost consultation. The process of replacing a wall tie is based on identifying the locations of existing wall ties, which is typically performed using the aid of a metal detector. After this is done the new wall ties are now able to be put in place by placing them in a manner that is staggered from the wall ties that were originally in place.