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The Real Story Behind IKEA’s Enduring Popularity

Fashions may come and go But one thing is for certain: the power of IKEA will never fade. It is one of the top places to purchase sleek, Scandinavian furniture, IKEA is the perfect choice to the minimalist aesthetics that are trending in modern homes. While IKEA is certainly trendy but the brand was created in 1943. Mic drop.

In a market that is constantly looking forward to new trends, launches of products, as well as direct-to-consumer products, finding an organization that has remained in the game for more than 80 years is like a needle in the Haystack. (Or cloth napkins with a yellow and blue bag packed with IKEA products, it’s your choice.)

So what’s the secret? What is it that makes IKEA such a strong company that can stand the tests of time? As per Paco Underhill, author and the founder of the market research company Envirosell the company’s user-friendliness plays an integral part in its long-term success.

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Meet the Expert

Paco Underhill, author and the founder of market research company Envirosell which analyzes strategies for retail and the how people behave in retail stores.

“It has it’s Nordic beginnings” He says “It’s an outlet for D.I.Y. enthusiasts.”

There are now a lot of providers that can construct your furniture at a reasonable cost, but it was not always the scenario. As Underhill says that it was a bit expensive to hire someone to build furniture in Scandinavia. IKEA let its customers bypass the middleman. The furniture from IKEA is not only simple to construct however, there are numerous hacks to make your furniture a unique appearance.

Underhill says IKEA has simplified the purchasing process by supplying its online store with realistic mockups. Instead of choosing the item from a catalog or site and hoping that it will be suitable for your space You can envision exactly what the furniture piece or other decor piece will look when placed alongside other furniture and accessories.

Of course, it does not make a difference that IKEA’s stylish Scandinavian design looks nice and is functional.

“The furniture doesn’t have any dips or bevels, which makes it much more easy to wash,” Underhill says.

Perhaps the most intriguing puzzle about IKEA is the reason it has been able to remain so popular. It is a fact that this retailer isn’t seeming to be awed by the growth of Amazon and direct-to-consumer businesses. But, in addition to easing the process of instruction and making the famous store layouts more manageable, Underhill argues IKEA is staying relevant in its own method. If would prefer not to be a part of IKEA’s stunning layout it is possible to browse IKEA’s online inventory and create your own home decor at the comfort of your sofa.

In addition to reducing the time it takes to instruct customers and making the notorious layouts of stores more manageable, Underhill claims IKEA is keeping up with trends in its own unique manner.

Today’s brick-and mortar stores have also borrowed a page from the IKEA’s book. This is referring to the dining establishments. In the last couple of years, every shop that is from Restoration Hardware to Nordstrom, to Bergdorf Goodman has improved the shopping experience by introducing bars and eateries. These additions are able to allow customers to consume food, drink and shop, we shouldn’t forget that IKEA has been providing food to its guests for decades.

“It inspires people to taste something they’ve never tried before such as Swedish meatballs. It could be a good reason to have dinner earlier,” Underhill says.