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What is a Sheet Metal Folding Machine?

The fabrication of sheet metal is an important process used in manufacturing and there is a range of machines that are adapted to make high-quality parts, including sheet metal folding Machine. A majority of the items made of metal that are utilized all over the world are made from sheet metals. They range from shipping containers to street signs, automobiles and more. While the most common tool for bending sheet metal will be known as the Press Brake, sheet metal folding machines have proven to be a valuable partner to any manufacturing shop or fabrication workshop. By using this sheet folding device you can create stunning and beautiful forms from one sheet of metal without breaking, stretching or cutting.

What is an Sheet Metal Folding Machine?

Sheet metal folding machines is similar as a brake press by forming sheets of metal. However, there’s one crucial difference between these two machines. As opposed to a press brake, which measures the flange and then rotates the part upwards the sheet metal folding machine examine the entire section and rotates the flange to raise it. They also have an integrated back gauge for support which supports all the load of item to aid the operator. The design of the folding machine is designed to encourage an ergonomic and comfortable operation. You do not have to push huge sheets of material through from the front. Furthermore, their bending method allows operators to bend parts with multiple sets which normally require more manual interference.

4 Benefits of sheet metal folding machines

Bending Accuracy

The process of bending is a fundamental manufacturing process where forces are applied to the sheet metal, causing it to bend at an angle to take on the desired shape. Though bending results in deformation on an axis only, other actions can be carried out to produce a better product. Sheet metal folding machines is a device that bends metal sheet through compression and tension. The outer portion is subjected to tension and expands, while the inside part is subject to compression, and then shortens. When folding, there is no tools wear or changes required for a wide number of parts that require complex bends. Furthermore, very short flanges are easily formed and, again, without the need for changeouts in the tooling.

Reducing Time to Setup

With no tooling to replace the setting time of the Folding Machine is fast and simple. Additionally, since the table is able to support and guide the material, it is able to be setup and operated by a single person. This results in increased effectiveness and efficiency.

Overall Part Accuracy

It is a process of fabrication that involves the formation of sheet metal by passing through a set of tools before being clamped before being formed. Since the sheet is fixed by the worktable and is moved by CNC controlled gripping fingers or pushers that are affixed onto the table every imperfections in the size of the sheet is created in the initial bend. Every bend thereafter is precisely in its length and angle just this improved precision and repeatability piece by piece is an absolute benefit for fabricators.


One of the problems with pressing brakes is marks caused by the bending tool on the outside of the formed piece. While teflon strips may be used to lessen the wear, if they are positioned over the die prior to the forming process, they are difficult to keep in place and do not offer the best way to ensure an uninjured surface. However, it is possible to fold a Folding machine simply presses the flange upwards (or downwards) towards the clamping device, creating an un-scratchable surface.

Labor Reduction

When bending sheet metal and bending, the largest parts of presses require two or more operators in order to hold and move in sync to the brake ram. This does not only require two operators, but also two pedals for the feet to securely engage the brakes ram. In a sheet metal folding machine, the sheet metal rests in a secure position on the gaging table, where the operator can easily rotate and position it in the beams for clamping and bending. The reduction in labor costs isn’t just a money saver , but it is time saving too.

If you run a small fabrication shop or a large manufacturing enterprise sheet forming equipment is an essential piece of equipment you must be carrying around. The machine assists you in performing precise processes for Hemming and bending, thus expanding your possibilities on the market. With the sheet metal folding machine available the fabrication shop or company will be able to produce various items that range from custom rain gutters, to electrical panels and cabinets.