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Days Out From Marrakech

Marrakech is one of Morocco’s most renowned tourist attraction.

The name conjures images of souks, spices deserts, riads, and souks as well as an exotic locale of bustling markets, old walls and ramshackle homes.

It’s an exciting, lively and colourful place to be in It’s a location where you can be as irritated when you’re fascinated, but where every moment is unique and every day is fascinating, loud and chaotic.

The city is filled with tradition, culture, and great Moroccan food. Every turn opens an exciting world of surprises and unexpected surprises which will leave you entertained for many days.

Beyond the historical walls of Marrakech the city that lies at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains is the perfect base for exploring the surrounding region.

From waterfalls and deserts, from deserts and waterfalls to Berber villages and the rocky valleys There are a myriad of excursions that you can take off from Marrakech.

1. Ouzoud Falls

Ouzoud Falls Ouzoud Falls are an incredibly stunning set of waterfalls that plunge down from cliffs that are high into a vast basin.

The waterfall, which is multi-layered, cascades down from the highest point of 110-meters in an dry landscape, it is an paradise in the desert with lush green vegetation can be situated within the rocky walls of the canyon.

The region is known because of its olive trees. after a hike to the waterfalls it is possible to relax under the shade of these trees as you take in the cool air of the waterfall that fills the air with refreshing splashes of water.

If you’re feeling really hot You can go swimming within the Al Abid River which the waterfalls plunge directly into.

It’s a wonderful day excursion from Marrakech and is not to be not missed.

2. Palm Groves of Marrakech

Also known as the Palmeraie The trees of palms that grow in Marrakech are a large portion of land totally dedicated to the development and development of the trees.

It’s a beautiful and strange place and the palm trees grow in the desert and are totally dependent on the old irrigation system which has existed for centuries in order to endure the extreme climate.

The region covers around 50 square miles. The palms are used for harvesting dates, so be prepared to be provided with plenty of food to sample by the local sellers and growers which you can meet here.

Many will opt to take part in an exciting quad bike tour across the desert and through the Palmeraie, an unforgettable method to see this stunning and fascinating landscape.

3. Sahara Desert

Marrakech is covered in desert, however the truly stunning and gruesome scenery of the famous Sahara Desert don’t truly begin until you’re at least an hour’s drive from the city.

The Sahara is the world’s biggest hot desert.

It’s a place with extremes. There isn’t much water is present and sand dunes rise over the edge.

It’s a place that seems almost magical particularly in the local area. visiting even near the shores of Sahara can be a fascinating experience.

Many will opt to go on multi-day excursions in Marrakech to the desert, accompanied by locals. However, if you’re running short of time, you may still take a trip to the point that it is that the Sahara begins and take in the stark, natural beauty before heading back to Marrakech to spend the night.

4. Agafay Desert

If you’d prefer to stay nearer to Marrakech and enjoy the desert nearer to your hotel, it is worth a visit to the Agafay Desert – although not nearly as well-known or smooth as the Sahara is in easily reach of Marrakech.

It is located in the middle of The Atlas Mountains and Marrakech, the Agafay is an ideal day excursion.

There aren’t any distinctive dunes in the sand that you might be thinking of however, you will see an unforgiving, barren, almost lifeless landscape that is difficult to comprehend in its solitaryness.

It’s a truly inspiring destination to visit. You could be able tour the village and marvel at how the people are able to survive in this area for so long.

5. Essaouira

Essaouira is a thriving port city located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.

It’s a nice getaway from deserts and desert climate that is Marrakech A visit here can be a lengthy but satisfying day excursion.

Get a taste of the wonderful sea breezes that blow along the coastline along with the vibrant architecture and culture that make up the urban area.

The Medina is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s waiting to be explored. the narrow labyrinth of alleys and souks are as authentically Moroccan as you could get.

6. Agadir

Agadir is yet another coastal Moroccan city, which is just three hours away from Marrakech.

The city is getting a reputation in the tourist industry as a windswept, sun-drenched and relaxing destination to visit.

There’s an increasing number of resorts making use of the stunning beaches and coastlines, while The city is a fascinating illustration of the modern Moroccan life and culture. it’s big enough to get away from the tourist traps and experience something different.

7. Casablanca

Casablanca could be the sole city which could compete with Marrakech for fame internationally.

The name Casablanca has been a part of the history of cinema, due to the film as well as the romance connotations it has with it.

The reality may be different from what you think, so it’s an excellent idea to visit for a few hours the city because it’s an enormous, sprawling urban mass.

It’s well worth the trip to experience this popular destination as it truly is, to wander through the streets that were once paved with dirt and modern, and to experience an unbeatable part of Moroccan culture.

8. The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains make up a huge and impressive range that rises dramatically near Marrakech.

The mountain range runs through three countries. The highest peak is more than 4000-m tall.

Atlas Mountains Atlas Mountains are an integral part of not just local geography, but also of the local Berber culture and history.

Marrakech is a fantastic spot to start your journey into the mountains. Many of the villages and valleys can be reached via day trips from Marrakech.

9. Ourika Valley

The gorgeous Ourika Valley is found 50-kilometers from in the South-West to the south of Marrakech under the shade of cool Atlas Mountains.

The valley is dotted with small, rural villages that have existed for centuries. The cold climate provides an incredibly lush and green area to explore, especially in the summer heat in which Marrakech is hot.

The scenery is filled with waterfalls mountains as a backdrop, and breathtaking scenery everywhere you go.

10. Imlil

Imlil is one of the local Berber village located at the top of Atlas Mountains.

At 1800 meters, it’s situated in stunning surroundings.

Many tourists will choose Imlil as a base point for exploring deeper into the mountains on long-distance treks, which include the top of Mount Toubkal which is the highest point in the range.

However, it’s totally appropriate to explore the area for a day and observe how people Berbers have lived and have adapted their way of life to the mountains , and do a few little excursions into the region.

11. Asni

In comparison to Imli, which is lower down however, it is perhaps more accessible, Asni is the gateway to the Atlas Mountains when you travel to Asni from Marrakech.

It’s a picturesque place, with dirt-filled streets and mud-brick structures that you can observe local life taking place in the streets.

12. Ait Benhaddou

Ait Benhaddou is a marvelous UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s located in the outskirts the Sahara Desert.

It’s an old, fortified city that has been in the way of trade routes through the desert for a long time.

The town has become more well-known due to the massive variety of films which have been shot here.

You’ll probably recognize the towers, walls and streets in at least one movie you’ve seen.

Although it’s now a tourist destination, famous status The town remains an amazing and unique illustration that reveals Moroccan architecture and culture and is worth the dusty trip of three hours from Marrakech to explore.

13. Ouarzazate

Further on the road, southern part to the south of Ait Benhaddou, can be located the fortified town of Ouarzazate.

Similar to its neighbour, Ouarzazate is also used as a location to film by a variety of studios. It has also been featured in numerous epics of the past and desert-themed films.

It is here that the Sahara begins – and after the plateau on which the city is built on goes to south and and the sand Dunes in the desert actually begin.

14. Amizmiz

It is located in the foothills the Atlas Mountains, just an hour’s drive away from Marrakech, Amizmiz is an superb example of a largely inaccessible Moroccan Berber town.

Life here isn’t easy.

The town is lively, however there’s not much of significance to look at except on Tuesdays which is when the market opens as the villagers from the mountains and the surrounding region descend on Amizmiz to purchase and sell their goods.

It’s an amazing experience to behold.

15. Oukaimeden

Oukaimeden is a high altitude resort located in the peaks covered in snow of the Atlas Mountains.

In the right season of the year, it provides an stunning contrast to the plains and Marrakech.

No longer are there sunshine, heat, and desert. Instead, there’s wind, snow and cold.

It’s a well-known ski resort in the country. it’s only two hours from Marrakech You can practically spend all day skiing before returning to the warm climes of the city to spend the evening.