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How To Become A Summer Camp Counsellor In America

If you’re seeking a way to travel the world, earn money, and gain new skills, becoming a camp counselor for the summer in America during the summer months is the ideal opportunity for you!

You’ll meet new and interesting people and learn about different culture, while also gaining an invaluable experience in the workplace. The time spent at camp will give you friendships that last a lifetime as well as mental health benefits and the skills you’ll carry with you into college and in the workplace.

If you are counselor for camp You’ll receive the following incredible advantages:

Earn real life skills for your CV/resume
Explore different cultures
Develop your English abilities (if your not an English native English speaker)
Make a living wage that is at minimum $2,000
You can travel in the United States for up to 30 days following the end of camp

We’ve been helping connect people with camps for summer in America over the years. We make your experience effortless by taking care of the tough tasks, so you can get focused on preparing for the adventure that will last an entire life!

You may be interested in applying to become a camp counselor this summer, or simply need to find out more about the profession We’ll explain what it takes to be a camp counselor and the skills you’ll acquire, and how you can get started. Read on to learn more!

What is involved with J1 camp counselor programs?

A lot of people see USA camp as being the most American experience due to the numerous films about summer camps! Although the stereotype of a summer camp may exist but actually working in camp is much more. As a camp counselor you’ll experience all the joy of summer camp and also be rewarded for your efforts to make a difference the lives of campers!

American camp counsellors mostly operate wherever they are needed as your work and responsibilities will differ based on the kind of camp you are working at.

Private camps
Non-profit camps
Special campers with special needs
Themed camp
Religious camps
Day camps

Camp counsellors provide support to other counselors and are counselors for children at camp. They spend their days with campers, get the campers up to breakfast. They have meals together, participate in exciting activities, and then prepare them to go to sleep. As a counselor at camp you’ll get the chance to take charge of games and activities, or perhaps learn new skills!

What’s it like to be a Camp Counsellor in The USA?

Being a camp counselor in America is a great opportunity to spend your summer with new people and experiencing a new culture, gaining valuable knowledge while earning a little money! With more than 900 camps across the US, you’ll have the chance to work at some of the most popular camping camps across the US. Take a look at our description of the roles of camp counsellors below.

USA Camp Counselor Job Description

The duties of a counselor at camp change every day, based of the place you are working at and the requirements of the day. However the summer camp counselor’s duties generally include:

Campers’ preparations for the summer.
Food and meal management
Planning and organizing activities
Instructing campers in activities
Cleaning up
Time to go down

The greatest aspect of being a counselor is that each day is unique and full of exciting new experiences. After a few days, you’ll be adept in adjusting to your day and completing your work. It’s also possible to read about our best camp counselor strategies to gain an idea of what you’ll be doing during camp!
American Camp Counselor Schedule

Being a camp counselor means that your schedules aren’t always predictable, but we’ve laid out the fundamentals of what a counselor’s schedule is like. This is the typical day at camp for a counsellor at camp:

6:30 am: Get up and prepare for whatever activities you’ve set for today!
7:15am: Get your campers and ensure that they are equipped with everything they require.
8:30am: Breakfast for you and your campers. Be sure to bring snacks!
9:00am – 12:00pm: Three morning activities that range from fire building to swimming.
12:15pm – 1:30pm: Have meals with the campers to make them feel excited for the remainder of the day.
12:30pm-2:45pm: Relax and meet your campers. Maybe even play the cards.
3:00pm-6:00pm: Additional activities!
6pm-7:15pm: It’s time for the main dinner of the day Dinner! Stay for a tasty desserts too.
7:15pm to 8:30:30pm: An evening event which can range from dancing to treasure hunting!
8:45pm – 9:30pm: Get your campers in the night and ready for tomorrow.
9:00pm-10:15pm: Time for relaxation–catch up with friends, read some reading or brainstorm the American destinations you’d like to see at the end of Camp!
10:15pm: Reconnect with an employee meeting on the latest events and other information.
10:45pm: Take time to relax. Take a good night’s sleep or stay up all night talking with your counselor buddies!

The days at camp begin early and finish late, but it’s everything worth it! The days are jam-packed with exciting and fun activities that will help you develop your skills at work and meet incredible people.

American Summer Camp Activities

The activities at Camp are always changing and offer you the chance to explore new ideas! The activities you can participate in day-to-day comprise all of these activities and more.

Team sports: Coach the campers on a team with frisbee golf, soccer baseball, volleyball, football as well as obstacle courses and more!
Water sports: Get in the water to swim or kayaking, canoeing, fishing, sailing windsurfing, snorkeling and many more.
Arts and crafts: Find your artistic side by the art of drawing, pottery tie-dye, sculptures costumes, murals, sewing, and a myriad of other activities that are creative.
Music and theatre: See some fantastic performances that include drums, acting, piano or guitar, dancing and lots of other ways to become musical!
Outdoors: Let campers in a safe way to do things like climbing, hiking and building fires track animals, riding horses archery, and many other “typical activities at camp” activities!
Health and education: Get to know with campers about subjects such as yoga, meditation and farming, computers animal care, martial arts and graphic design.

The range of activities available at camp ensures both you and the campers will never get bored!

The Skills You’ll Gain As A Camp Counsellor in America

Being a camp counselor provides you with skills that can aid you in your career world!

Seventy-four percent of camp counselors claim that their time at camp has helped them be better prepared for college. The knowledge you acquire during camp can be useful at college, through volunteering, on your job, as well as in your private life. Some of the abilities you’ll learn include:

Work ethic
Personal development
Public speaking

Work Ethics

Camp days can be long and full of activity as are the days working full-time or in college! The most crucial capabilities in a job can be the capacity to keep yourself motivated to get your tasks completed. When you’re at camp you’ll get up early and make sure you get all your tasks completed for the day, which means you’ll be prepared to be productive for the next time!

Problem Solution

Employers make up 86% are looking for skills that can solve problems in resumes which is why summer camp is one of the most effective ways to develop this ability. The schedule at camp is chaotic and will require working with a range of individuals. There are bound to be issues that require being solved, whether that’s being late or a camper getting lost in their shoes! You’ll be able to deal with new circumstances and be confident for it!

Personal Development

Although you’re unlikely to mention it on your resume, working as counselor at camp in America will alter the way you think about the world in a variety of ways! You’ll encounter different cultures, become more imaginative, and learn how to be able to handle unpredictability in circumstances. You’ll be able to gain a deeper knowledge of your personal traditions and beliefs, and also gain self-awareness which will stay with you throughout your life.


Being part of a team is among the most essential capabilities you can develop. While at camp, you’ll be able to meet people from different faiths and backgrounds. The US is an international melting pot of cultures! A majority of companies mention collaboration as “very essential” for a successful workplace. Similar to college and in your future job, you’ll have to collaborate with other people to show your talents for the most effective outcomes.

Public Speak

If you’re talking to campers or explaining your instructions You’ll be speaking large groups. If you’re worried about it, don’t be concerned! You’ll be supported by your counselors and, after a while speaking in public will be easy!


Being a camp counselor can help you develop the leadership qualities that can make you more attractive employers and will give you confidence when you go to college. Being a leader implies that you’re kind, compassionate and intelligent, as well as organized and considerate. These qualities make you a fantastic teacher, worker and a friend to all.