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Is a Cruise Holiday Right For Me?

The advantages and disadvantages that come with a cruise is individual. The question of asking someone if they would like a cruise is similar to asking them if they enjoy Marmite. In the majority of instances, people prefer them or don’t.

The negative opinions are usually from people who haven’t had a cruise experience, whereas the positive reviews originate from committed to their ideal vacation.

The main question is how can we know the facts? I’ll walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of cruises, so you’re able to make your own opinion.

Every person is unique and what could be an advantage for certain individuals could be a issue for other people and that’s why it is important to keep this in your mind. This post will guide you through the benefits and drawbacks when booking your cruise trip.

The benefits of a cruise

Let’s begin on a positive foot. I’ll walk you through the many wonderful reasons to go on a cruise.

You can take in lots of sights in a brief amount of time. If you’re interested in seeing much more of the world, but only get a few weeks away from work, a cruise is the best way to go about it. You’ll have access to ports in many of the most well-known destinations on earth and you will be able to spend enough time to experience a variety of styles of cuisine in one cruise.

They’re EASY. If you’re looking to explore five or six countries within Europe and the Caribbean islands, or travel for the Caribbean islands or explore the snowy landscapes of Alaska All of it is presented to you on a platter. Minimum effort, maximum reward. You are transported by boat from one port to another, and do not have to organize any transportation for yourself.

They’re Budget-Friendly. When you first glance at cruise costs, they might seem costly, but when you break it down to costs per nigthts and see the price includes drinks, food, entertainment, and transportation, it looks like quite a bargain. My mom paid much lower for a cruise in Hawaii than I did around Hawaii myself in the traditional method.

No Packing/unpacking/repacking/unpacking again. When you cruise, you just need to unpack and pack only once. All your equipment is waiting on board for you to return at the end of each cruise. I don’t know about you, but that’s an enormous benefit in my opinion.

They’re relaxing. When you’re on the water and in the interval between ports, there’s ample time to relax. You can go to the spa, relax in the pool, practice yoga, or simply sit and sip your coffee and enjoy the views.
It’s a great time to be active. It’s impossible to get bored while on a cruise because there are plenty of activities on the cruise ship. Every ship offers different amenities including climbing walls, to FlowRiders. There are shopping areas as well as evening entertainment theater shows, libraries, and more. There is something to please all!

They’re all different. Each cruise ship or cruise line is alike. It’s a totally unique experience each time you take a cruise. In one year, you could take any of Bolsover Cruise Club luxury cruises through the Nile and the next year you might opt for a affordable cruise around the UK. There are cruises that cater to different age groups, singles and others. There’s even an DISNEY cruise! In fact, there’s something for every taste.

The food. The food on cruise ships is amazing in its variety, as it is delicious. There are buffets, diners and grills, steakhouses, pizzerias Ice cream parlours, and many more. It’s easy to imagine the food you’ll taste after stepping off the boat.

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Making Friends with New People. Since you’re in the exact space for a specific amount of time, you’ll often run across the same group of people. It’s possible to sit with an individual at dinner or even during some or more of the performances. There is a chance to meet a nice family in the pool. Friendships for life can be made while on the cruise.

Duty-free and tax-free shopping. Based on the location you’re in, you can benefit from this, and shop till you’re stuffed.

Cons and Cons of Cruises

Of of course, it’s not just easy taking a cruise look at what I did there Sorry, not sorry. Here are a few downsides of taking cruises.

You won’t spend a lot of time in each place. Although cruising is a great option to explore all over the globe, it’s not a great way to do not get the chance to become acquainted with a particular city or nation. It’s a limited duration of time in each location.

There’s no possibility of flexibility. If you truly love the place you’re visiting, you’ll be unable to alter your travel plans and continue as you would in the case of travelling by car or on a road trip.

Weight gain. Okay, this is a possibility with any holiday, but cruises can be particularly harmful due to the fact that food is simply delicious and abundant. If you’re looking to workout at the gym onboard, you might be able to get past this particular issue.

Extra costs. Shore excursions usually cost more and may be more costly than if you planned the trip yourself. Drinks packages can be costly and are not always worth the cost based on the amount you prefer to drink. However, many cruise lines offer a selection of soft drinks and wine that you can bring aboard Take advantage of this to save additional costs. Some restaurants onboard are included in the cruise, even though they tend to be reasonably priced.

Poor Internet. WiFi onboard can be a bit slow. It’s fine for tourists but if you’ve got work to do or have people you need to stay contact with back home, it could be a bit of disappointment.

Final Thoughts and Tips

As with all types of holidays the things that work for one person may not be the case for someone else. There’s SO many options in the industry of cruises that the most important thing to do when you want to enjoy your cruise is selecting the best one that is suitable for both you and your traveling passengers.

Go through the brochures, speak your questions to travel agencies, take a look at the forum and make an informed choice. There are some disadvantages however, maybe you should consider an hour-long cruise once or twice a year to determine whether they’re a great choice for you and your vacation needs before you eliminate them?