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Pros and Cons of The London Pass

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If you’re planning to see a lot of major tourist sites while in London and want to visit a lot of major tourist attractions, then the London Pass will save you some money as well as a bit of time too. However, for some this isn’t worth it as it could cost more then it’s worth.

Here’s how you can determine if this London Pass is worth it for the traveler and their needs.

People who are eligible to get the London Pass

If you’re someone with a particular type of travel and interest you have, it is worth the London Pass is worth it. It is recommended to purchase the London Pass if:

You’re a fan of popular tourist destinations

The London Pass will save you more money when you utilize it to gain entry into the most well-known London tourist destinations. These attractions generally are priced at a premium and making use of the pass for entry to more expensive attractions is a way to make more money quickly and effortlessly.

You don’t mind having little free time

If you’ve purchased a 1 day, 2 day, three-day pass to be sure it’s worth the money spent, you usually will have at minimum three places per day. If you consider food and travel time, you won’t have much leisure time between them all. There’s more room for this when you purchase the 6 or 10 day pass, as the per-day cost is reduced quite a bit. As an example, the per-day price of the 10 day pass is £17.90, which more than covers the cost of admission to several attractions in London, so even if you just go to one place each day the pass can cost you less.

It isn’t a good idea to deal with tickets or money

If you think you’ll pass on attractions because of the price of tickets for each individual, maybe using the London Pass will make you feel that you can do the whole thing because it’s “free” on the day. It’s also more convenient to get passes for yourself and your traveling companions rather instead of having to worry about the conversion of currency, figuring out where to buy tickets, etc. It’s about convenience.

It’s important to know that there are some places and tours that require advance reservation, like View from the Shard.

The family is traveling together

Many families like this London Pass because not only is it a great way to save money but it also makes visiting attractions much easier. Everyone has their own pass. if family members want to split up there’s no need to stress about giving your kids enough money to purchase tickets to their own attractions since they’ll simply show their card at the entrance.

Who wouldn’t want to get the London Pass

If you’re in one of the categories below, the London Pass probably isn’t worth your money.

You enjoy experiencing things in a relaxed manner

If, as we’ve said before, you’re purchasing a one, 2 or 3 day pass, for it to be worthwhile, you need to be seeing 2-3 attractions a day. If this sounds like too much for you then you should consider either a 6- or 10-day pass, or you can just not buy the pass.

There’s no need to worry about the most popular attraction

There are many less well-known tours and attractions that are included in the London Pass, but the true value comes from seeing the city’s most popular sights, like Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. If you’re not a fan of that type of thing, then the pass isn’t for you.

You’d like to enjoy a local experience

The majority of the places included on the London Pass are touristy. It’s perfectly fine to check them out however if you’re looking to get to know the locals and live as a Londoner this pass won’t helpyou, in fact most of the time it’ll steer you in the wrong direction.

The advantages you can anticipate with London Pass include: London Pass include:

Saving money

You really can save yourself lots of money sightseeing in London with the London Pass If you are planning it well. For example, if in one day you see the Tower of London, View from the Shard, St. Pauls and get an Uber Boat day-long roamer ticket that costs £103 If you purchase tickets during the day. If you buy a one-day London Pass, you’ll save yourself approximately £32, and even more for the longer passes if you consider the amount they’ll cost per day- you’ll save even more.

Free hop on and hop off tour

In exchange for your pass, you will receive one ticket free for a day’s “hop on and off” bus tour. This is an excellent option to take along with your trip and also adds to the value of the pass since day-of tickets are the hefty £41 per adult.

There are many attractions to see that you wouldn’t normally visit

There are many less-known things to do with London Pass. London Pass that you might find out about because it’s completely free, so why not? Explore places you wouldn’t have usually paid the entrance fee for. In addition, there are some exciting tours you can join for free with the London Pass.

A few interesting attractions and passes to take into consideration:

London Bike Tour
Brit Music Tours
Brit Movie Tours
The Garden Museum
Wembley Football Stadium Tour
Jason’s Canal Boat Trip

Con’s to using the London Pass

It’s important to take into consideration the fact that…

There aren’t all places to visit in London are included

If you’ve made a list of attractions that you want to visit while in London it is important to carefully check the list of attractions that are included with the pass. If many of them aren’t part of the pass, then you could be paying a lot of additional money on tickets to attractions for the things you’d like to experience.

Some of the featured attractions aren’t centrally located

Examples include Kew Gardens, the Wimbledon Tennis Museum, Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace. It’s still possible to visit these things, but you’ll struggle to fit in two or three other attractions that day. Keep this in mind If you’re looking to visit some of these farther-out attractions, only do so if you purchase the 6 or 10 day London Pass.

How do you determine whether you’re eligible for the London Pass

Utilize all the info I’ve shared above And then, you can consider asking yourself…

Are there attractions included I’d like to go to?

This is probably the most important aspect to think about when you are considering acquiring this London Pass.

Tips for the best use of the London Pass

As mentioned earlier, the London Pass has great sample plan for the three-day pass. It covers attractions that are close to each other and also ensures you’re getting value with the pass.

Be sure to check the closing and opening times for your favorite attractions when planning your day. Some attractions are closed on specific times, and many shut at 5pm. Therefore, you may have to start your day later than planned to make sure you have the time to do. This information is available on the London Pass site and the app.

I would suggest waiting until the final days on your pass to take advantage of the hop on, hop off ticket. Most likely, you’ll feel tired after all the sightseeing, and will enjoy a relaxing bus ride to some of the city’s most famous landmarks and attractions.

Do you need to purchase an Oyster Card add-on?

There is no need to. The only benefit to having it is that you receive it ahead of your trip. If you don’t have it, you can pay for public transport using a credit or debit cards that are contactless, Google Pay or Apple Pay or collect the personal Oyster card at an airport or train station on arrival.