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Reasons to Holiday in Turkey

Famous for its top-quality beaches, ancient ruin and a fantastic summer climate, Turkey is a great destination for those seeking an unwinding European vacation. Tell your kids that you’re going to see the old structures and lounge under a hot umbrella for the whole the time, and you’ll likely receive a few groans. Like always, making a plan ahead will make all the impact on a family holiday with a little research prior to your trip will let you know exactly what Turkey offers the youngsters – and parents as well.


The country is located at the apex of Europe and on the opposite part of the Mediterranean, Turkey seems a distant place compared to nearby beach resorts such as France or Spain. But the distance to the UK is precisely what makes Turkey have extremely un-English summers, with temperatures that are above 20 degrees Celsius from May through October (and reaching 30degC on average during July). Additionally that the flight time from London is just four hours, meaning it’s still a short journey for anyone, not just the most anxious young travelers.

More to your money

A consistent strong sterling against the lira can be an excellent opportunity for those who would like to travel outside of resorts, with meals, excursions and transportation costing much less than what they would in their homes. To keep travelers returning, a growing amount of flights are useful for those who want to be more flexible in their travel schedule – with scheduled flights to the major UK airports that include Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester. When you book all-inclusive, that you don’t have to think about the cost of other travel expenses when you leave.


One of the biggest attractions in Turkey will always be the beaches. With more than 450 beaches to select from, the beaches in Turkey are among the most beautiful around – and there’s more to do other than lying by the water. Watersports are very popular in resorts along the coast. Activities such as paragliding, jet skiing, and wreck diving are available alongside less white-knuckle sports such as snorkelling or volleyball, as well as paddle boarding. If there’s someone in your family who like a little R&R The 300-mile stretch of coastline that runs between Marmaris as well as Antalya is called Turk’s “turquoise coastline” -which is why Antalya known as”the Turkish Riviera – it makes for some of the most beautiful breathtaking views of the Med.

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Out and out and

If you’re in an all-inclusive hotel It can be tempting to remain near to the food and drink establishments as much as you can. However, Turkey is filled with cities, historical sites, and tourist attractions that it’s a shame to skip several days of excursions. These are also a great method to ensure that every member of your family has the chance the time they need whether it’s kids or grandparents and more, with the most popular destinations that provide a range of diverse activities and attractions.

If you’re interested in history you’ll find that the Roman ruins of Xanthos are certainly worth a look and are located near the bohemian beach town of Patra with its own beach that is stunning as well as plenty of boutique shopping options for those who prefer fashion over culture. The Dalyan spa town Dalyan is among the most popular destinations within Turkey for families because of its famed mud baths. ideal for dads and moms seeking to cleanse, as well as for children who like to be messy!

The city of Ephesus which was once the trading center of the world’s ancient times is worth a visit and so are the Sumela Monastery which has just undergone a major restoration. The cliff is abutting Mt Melat, the 4th century AD monastery is one of the highlights on The Black Sea.

Then, you cannot go to Turkey without a visit to the Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar — 58 streets filled with around 4000 shops. But get your bargaining skills ready first.

Attractions for the entire family

As a world-class city, Istanbul has plenty to offer to everyone in terms of eateries, shops as well as museums, parks and art – however, it’s also the home of fantastic family activities such as Legoland as well as which is a Miniaturk model park, and Istanbul Aquarium. Istanbul Aquarium. In addition are water parks such as Tortuga Pirate Island, at Kusadasi and Water World, near Fethiye are a lot of fun as is Goynuk’s Dinopark is among the very few places in Istanbul where kids are allowed to ride T-Rex.