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The Essential Ibiza Boat Parties

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In between the endless parties at Ibiza nightclubs and beach clubs in the island, is the time to hit the oceans. Nothing is more famous than going on the cruise on an Ibiza party boat, which will travel around the island with unlimited drinks and never-ending music.

Take a trip on the biggest Ibiza party boat, or look into smaller sailing options for catamaran. No matter which option you pick and you’re in Ibiza and it’s bound to be a blast.

Oceanbeat Ibiza party boat

Take a trip on One of the renowned Ibiza boat party excursions, Oceanbeat Ibiza Party Boat offering guests continuous enjoyment. The three-hour cruise around the island is the biggest party boat, and it is available for up to 300 guests.

Relax in the sun and swim in the beautiful spots on Ibiza, and have a blast with your friends on the upper deck that’s on board. Oceanbeat Ibiza Party Boat Oceanbeat Ibiza Party Boat even offers the biggest Champagne Shower in Ibiza that is a must-see.

A professional photographer is on hand to capture each minute of the day and once the largest Ibiza Party Boat returns to shore, the celebration does not stop there.

With access to three nightclubs located that are located in Ibiza as part of the package, you’ll be able to go on a night of partying until early in the morning.

Included in the cost:

Alcoholic drinks
Seafood Paella
Swim spots
Free entry to 3 Ibiza nightclubs

All Inclusive Cruise Tour to Formentera

If you’re looking for the best Ibiza Party boat which gives you a an elegant superyacht-like experience, then you should consider Ibiza Boat Club. Ibiza Boat Club cruise. This amazing boat cruise to Formentera Island Formentera is different from every similar Ibiza party boat that is on the list.

The catamaran is large and offers expansive sun loungers as well as chill dancing vibes. It’s also all-inclusive. What’s not to like?

With space on board for 100 guests You can be sure you won’t get stuffed as a sardine like some other cruises for parties.

The catamaran stops to swim or snorkeling and paddle boarding while it sails towards the breathtaking island Formentera. Take advantage of the free opportunity to wander around the beautiful island of Formentera before returning to the board for dinner, which is the typical Valencian Paella or a Beyond-Burger.

Included in the cost:

Water toys
Coffee and traditional pastries
Drinks and dinner
Swim spot
Exploration of Formentera

Ibiza 3.5 hours Sunset Party Cruise with DJ

There’s no better way to kick off the start of an unforgettable evening in Ibiza than the cruise at sunset? Include a DJ as well as premium booze, and we’re talking.

The Float Your Boat cruise has become one of the most popular 3.5 hours of Ibiza cruises for sunset parties and you’ll have to reserve your tickets early in order to be sure not to miss out.

Contrary to the other Ibiza party boats, this one isn’t an all-inclusive trip, which means that the cost is more reasonable. However, you will get two premium drinks with your cost and there’s an on-board bar for you to buy more drinks.

Take in the spectacular sunset and enjoy a night out with gorgeous people on a gorgeous catamaran. You will be able to make memories that last forever.

Included in the cost:

2 Premium drinks
Free entry into 3 nightclubs
Epic Sunsets

3 Hours All Inclusive , All-Inclusive Boat Trip Ibiza

If you’re in search of an experience on a smaller vessel which will take you to the most popular snorkeling and swimming places in Ibiza Then look for it.

While it’s not the biggest Ibiza party boat It’s certainly a more intimate and you’ll be taken care of.

With unlimited drinks at the bar that is open and open bar, you can enjoy your three hours paddling and sunbathing or even jumping off the boat’s roof into the crystal clear water below.

Included in the cost:

Snorkel equipment
Unlimited wine, beer sangria

Ibiza Beach Hopping Cruise

What better method to spend the afternoon in Ibiza than to spend 6 hours cruising around the top snorkeling and swimming places? The double-decker catamaran also features glass bottoms, which means you’ll have the chance to view many funky marine creatures (who is aware of what fish are eating within the waters in the vicinity of Ibiza).

There are many water-based activities that you can participate in including snorkeling to paddleboarding and more, your day will go through in a blur of enjoyment.

Included in the cost:

Alcoholic drinks
Paddleboards, floaties, inflatables
Snorkeling equipment

Complete Day Sailing Tour from Formentera

If you’ve been in search of an even smaller vessel and a small group to be part of, then you should think about a full-day sailing trip to Formentera. With only space for 6 guests This classic sailing vessel is a fantastic option to discover the gorgeous waters surrounding those islands around Ibiza along with Formentera.

Enjoy crystal clear water or simply relax on the yacht while you sail through the waters of Mediterranean. Bring your own lunch board, or go towards one of the wonderful restaurants in Formentera to enjoy some authentic Spanish food.

This is an ideal cruise for those who want to make friends and have fun in smaller groups.

Included in the cost:

Snorkeling equipment